GSR Terry Z opened the meeting at 8:32. First order of business was reading of the 8th tradition: “Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever non-professional, but our service centers may employ special workers.”

As GSR, Terry reported no changes at the district level to report.

Acting Secretary Herb S explained that in lieu of a Secretary’s Report the minutes of the last meeting had been posted on the group website,

The Treasurer was delayed, so the Treasurer’s Report was tabled.

Under Old Business, Terry reported that the EMR Annual Picnic would be held at Jacob’s Beach, Guilford, on September 4, from 10am to 4pm.

Under New Business, Herb moved that the EMR Online Group separate from the EMR Live Group that meets daily at the Branford Baptist Church, that they obtain their own group number from the GSO, that they choose a new name, and that they form a new treasury. Molly seconded the motion.

Member #1 asked the reasoning behind the motion.  Herb explained that the two groups are in many ways operating like two different groups already, but are sharing the same officers.  This puts undo strain on the officers as they have to work for both groups, attend two sets of business meetings, keep track of two sets of contributions, and to try reconcile the two groups’ differences of opinion. 

Discussion ensued. 

Ashley, the current EMR Treasurer, explained that she is no longer able to be Treasurer for both the live group and the online group as it takes up more time than she has.  She is willing to act as Treasurer of the online group until elections can be held, and would oversee the transfer of the current treasury to the EMR Live Group and set up the Treasury infrastructure for the new group.  She has talked to Bernie at the live meeting about this and he believes he is able to take over the Treasurer duties for the live meeting. 

More discussion ensued.

There being no further debate, Terry asked for a vote at 9:15am and the motion passed ten for, no against, and two abstentions.

Terry said he will schedule another meeting for September 12 for the purpose of election of officers, choosing a name for the group, and ironing out other details as required.  Until elections, Ashley volunteered to be acting Treasurer, Terry, acting GSR, and Herb, acting Secretary. The members approved unanimously.

Herb moved the meeting be adjourned. Jeff seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

The meeting then adjourned at 9:35am.

Respectively submitted, Herb S., Acting Secretary