Early Morning Zoomers

Meets Daily at 7:30am

Minutes 1/28/2024

Chairperson Paul led the group in the Serenity Prayer and read Tradition One: Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on A.A. unity.

Old Business: Sylvia moved that the word Quaker be taken out of the meeting style description. The motion was seconded. Group discussion resulted in a revision of the motion. The new motion was that the chairperson does not refer to any religion when describing the style of the meeting. The motion was seconded. It passed with no votes opposed. The Chairperson’s guidelines will be revised accordingly.

New Business The role of the co-host needs to be reviewed. Some don’t show up and there may be a role for identifying and reaching out to newcomers in order to send the newcomer welcome packet. A motion was made to form an ad-hoc committee to look at the role of the co-host. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Ron P will convene the ad-hoc committee.

Secretary Report: Minutes from 1/7/24 meeting were posted on website. The report was approved.

Treasurer’s report: Presented by Jeff in Linda’s absence. 

Beginning balance $634

Deposits $440. (Thanks to all)

Outstanding $250

Ending balance $824 -

Reserve of $300 

Available balance $524

Herb made a motion to distribute the balance over the prudent reserve in the amount of 60% to GSO and 40% to the Area. Herb explained that the GSO has a million dollar deficit, the Area (the state of CT) is teetering on a deficit, and District 19 has plenty of money. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

GSO Report: District Meeting was canceled this month. The next meeting is Feb 20.

Books & Coins Report: None 

Service Chair Report: Ron reports 1 co-host position opening this week. All else is in order.

Grapevine Report: Darlene is waiting for the Grapevine packet and is reading the Handbook.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 am. Next Business Meeting will be Feb 25, 2024.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Deb.