I.  Chairperson Paul B. opened the meeting at 7:35am with Serenity prayer and the reading of Tradition 4, “Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. as a whole.”

II. Old business

  • Group inventory.  The group voted to have an in-meeting group inventory for one week from 8:00 to 8:15 starting Sunday May 28 and ending Friday June 2  

II.  New Business

  • The group voted to adopt the new meeting script proposed by the Meeting Opening Script Subcommittee.  
  • In answer to an inquiry about breakout rooms on business meeting days,  Paul said he will check past minutes and see if the group voted on the matter.

III.  Secretary's report.  The Secretary reported that she is unable to keep the commitment due to prior conflicting commitments.   Herb said he will continue as Temporary Secretary until a new Secretary is found.

IV.  Treasurer's Report.  See attached.

V.  GSRs Report.  Paul announced that at the recent District 19 meeting, the topics included filling various service commitments and the matter of a district website.

VI. Coins and books.  no report

VII. Service Chair.  Jeff reported that all is going well.  He will forward the new opening script to Herb for posting on the website.  He will announce our need for a new Secretary and the schedule for the in-meeting group inventory.

Linda moved the meeting be adjourned. Terry seconded the motion and it passed unanimously at 9:10am.