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EMZ Business Meeting Minutes June 2, 2024 

(postponed meeting for May)


Paul started the meeting with the Serenity Prayer and read Tradition 5: “Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.”

Old Business 

The newcomer’s packet update.  No update provided today so will be moved to next month’s agenda.

AA Gratitude Breakfast on 6/22. Our group bought 12 tickets for the event. Talk to Paul or Linda if you are interested in the tickets. Great to offer to newcomers.


New Business: None 

Secretary report: Deb reports the minutes for the April meeting have been posted on our website. The report was accepted without objection.

Treasurer’s report:  See attached which was presented by Linda.  The upcoming summer picnic was briefly discussed as our group has contributed in past years. Herb is aware of the first planning meeting for the picnic and will give an update to Paul and Linda. The report was accepted without objection.

GSR report: Paul reported on the last District 19 meeting. Main topic was the need for a DCM. So far no one has shown interest. A District 19 letter will be developed outlining the DCM requirements in an effort to recruit nominations. 

Upcoming Events: Sober Fest June 7 in Willington.  Ct Convention 65th Annual is Sept 13-15 at Bradley Airport.

The report was accepted without objection.

Books & Coins Report:  No report.

Grapevine Report:  Darlene received two new Grapevine books. She is asking for suggestions of members who could use them. The report was accepted without objection.

Service Chair Report: per email report from Ron,all is fine.


Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.  Next Meeting is Sunday, June 23.