Early Morning Zoomers

Meets Daily at 7:30am

Minutes 3/5/2023 Business Meeting

I.  Paul B. opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer and the reading of the 1st Tradition: “For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority - a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

II. Old Business.  Herb moved and Fred seconded the Early Morning Zoomers conduct a Group Inventory and that the process be carried out outside the monthly business meetings.  Michael A explained what a group inventory is and explained that the process is described in detail on the group website.  Discussion ensued, Paul B called the question and it passed unanimously.

II. New Business.

     A.  Herb moved that the Early Morning Zoomers separate the positions of Chairperson and GSR.  Linda seeconded the motion.  Discussion ensued and the motion passed 9 to 5.  Lisa U presented the minority opinion.  A new voted was taken and the motion failed 8 to 1.

      B. Herb moved that the positions of Secretary and Webmaster be separated and they both be Officer level positions.  Jeff seconded the motion.  Discussion ensued and the motion passed 9 to 1.

III. Secretary's Report.  Herb asked for additions, corrections and omissions to the January minutes.  Jeff H moved  Lisa U seconded that the January minutes be accepted as posted. Discussion ensued and the motion passed unanimously

IV.  Treasurer's Report.   Linda Z. reported that the group has a balance of $401.01, that all the bills are paid and the transition from Ashley as Treasurer to Linda as Treasurer is going smoothly.  See below.

V.  GSR's Report. Paul B. reported that the District 19 meeting last month was canceled due to bad weather, and that the Gratitude Breakfast Committee is still looking for people to help. Paul moved the report be accepted as presented. 

VI.  Coins and Books Report. Keri reported that she needs help ordering new coins. Paul moved the report be accepted as presented. 

VII.  Service Chair Report.  The group is always seeking new people to fill service positions. Paul moved the report be accepted as presented. 

VIII.  Grapevine Report.  None

IX.  Linda moved the meeting be adjourned.  Jeff seconded the motion and it passed at 9:29AM