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Group Inventory Questions

Many groups periodically hold an AA group inventory meeting to evaluate how well they are fulfilling their primary purpose: to help alcoholics recover through A.A.’s suggested Twelve Steps of recovery.

Some groups take inventory by examining our Twelve Traditions, one at a time, to determine how well they are living up to these principles.

AA Group Inventory for the COVID-19 Era San Jose AA 

In the COVID-19 era, many groups quickly transitioned to virtual (online) meetings, and may now wish to step back and evaluate how they’re doing. With the rapidly changing landscape of our fellowship, groups may need an inventory to reflect our new circumstances. 

Here we offer you a set of group inventory questions adapted to the COVID-19 era. (Based in part on questions in “The AA Group” pamphlet.) 

Suggested Questions (not necessarily what we have to use in Branford-MA):

1. What is the basic purpose of our group?

2. How well is our group carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic? Does the newcomer see a welcoming presence or an insular group of friends? How well are we insuring the anonymity of our attenders?

3. Is our group attracting alcoholics from different backgrounds? Are we seeing a good cross-section of our community, including those with special needs? Who has been “left behind”?

4. Have we reached out to help members who are not “tech-savvy” get connected? Is a phone and email contact list available to members?

5. Do new members stick with us, or does the turnover seem excessive? If so, why? What can we as a group do to retain members?

6. Do we effectively emphasize and facilitate sponsorship in the virtual environment? How effectively? How can we do it better?

7. Are we careful to preserve the anonymity of our group members and other A.A.s outside the meeting rooms? Do we also leave what they share at meetings behind?

8. Mindful that holding office is a great responsibility not to be viewed as the outcome of a popularity contest, are we choosing our officers with care?

9. What measures are we taking to ensure safety in our meetings, both against trolls/bombers and with respect to existing members?

10. How is our group fulfilling its responsibility to the Seventh Tradition? Are we meeting our expenses and maintaining a prudent reserve? Are we explaining to the group the ongoing need to keep giving financially to the group even though we are virtual?

11. Other related concerns: Are the chairperson’s remarks too long? The number of people with cameras off hovers around 50% at our meetings. What impact does that have on the meeting?