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May 8, 2022.  Body Language, generally speaking.

Smiles make me high.  I'm addicted to them and will give up other comforts to be around them.  The reason is that the smile is universal body language that says "Have no fear.  I am your friend.  You are safe, I'm not going to hurt you and I might even help you if I can."  People that smile naturally understand this viscerally, instinctively giving this signal to define a relationship they instinctively want.  Similarly, they don't smile if they're with a person or people they don't want  a relationship with.  With people we don't like, we make our face look angry or repulsive some way to repulse these people.  Facial body language can lie, as we've learned from the false smiles of con-men and used car salesmen.

Instincts work on the subconscious level to influence us.  One of the most primal instincts is defending expanding the species.  Men are attracted to women's breast and buttocks because these body parts say "I can have your babies and feed them."  Women are attracted to men's muscles, because muscles say "I can protect you and our babies."  In modern times people are sometimes attracted to very smart and/or rich people of the opposite sex because brains and wealth also says "I can protect and feed our children."

Sexual desire is  one of the strongest instincts.  It is mostly a desire for love.  As body language, sex says I love you, I want to be your mate, I will stay with you forever, or at least until our children are grown.  Whether we are conscious of it or not, sexual desire is the desire for long lasting love.  

Some say men's sexual desires are stronger in old age than women's.  If this is true, it's because men can continue to procreate into ole age where women cannot.

Children that grow up in alcoholic homes or homes otherwise without love, often have unusually strong sexual desires.  They constantly seek the love they were deprived of as children.

And then there is romance, spiritual love for another devoid of reason and independent of instinct.  It is a mystery, as are most spiritual things.