Early Morning Zoomers


Daily editing of emzoomers.com and aahappyhour.com


I edit emzoomers.com and aahappyhour.com every morning for the next day.  WordPress makes this easy with the "scheduled update" feature.  On the list of pages, click "scheduled update" next to the page being edited.  A new page will open.  At the bottom of the right hand column is date and time.  Click the date for the next day, and 00 00 for the time.  That's midnight. Then click "publish" then "edit with Thrive Architect." That will open the page as it is now, allowing you to edit it as you want for the next day.

I cut and paste the daily readings from https://www.justfortodaymeditations.com/daily-recovery-readings-march-15/.  The date can be changed right in the URL.

I get the Grapevine quotes here: https://www.aagrapevine.org/#quote-of-the-day

The short takes from the big book are taken right from the chapters on our websites: https://emzoomers.com/the-big-book-alcoholics-anonymous/ and 


The "home" pages are edited using "scheduled update" in the same way, changing the day, date and meeting topic, and inserting a new "Thought for the day."

As I came up with daily thoughts, I recorded them here, https://emzoomers.com/thoughts/. Now I just rotate them in the same order.  

I proof read each edited page, save it, and close it.  Then I go to the pages list, and make sure that the scheduled update pages I edited have the correct date and time next to them.  

You will develop your own method, I'm sure, but this will be an easy place to start.

Thanks for your continuing service.