Early Morning Zoomers


How This Website is Updated

Two pages of this website are update daily, Home and Daily Readings.   I'm the webmaster for both Zoomers and Happy Hour, so I do both sites emzoomers.com and and aahappyhour.com, at the same time.  Jeff H at Zoomers and John D at Happy have credentials to log on. 

     I use the "scheduled update" feature of WordPress every day to edit the next day's page.  The new page replaces the old page at midnight.  In the list of pages, find the "Daily Readings" page. Click on "Scheduled Update".  In the editing panel on the left, scroll to the bottom and chose the next day's date, and 00 00 for the hour.  Click "publish," then "Thrive Architect."  The new page opens and the  page can then be edited.  I cut and paste the daily readings from Just For today Meditations. https://www.justfortodaymeditations.com/daily-recovery-readings-March-6/.  Every day I just change the date in the URL and the new readings come up.  The Grapvine reading is cut from https://www.aagrapevine.org/#quote-of-the-day.  The reading changes every day by simply updating the page.  The stories from the Big Book come from https://emzoomers.com/the-big-book-alcoholics-anonymous/

The home page is updated the same way, changing the date, day's topic.  The thoughts for the day come from here: https://emzoomers.com/thoughts/